First call for attendance

The main goal of the workshop is to promote the creation of Ecological Network (ECONET) directed to provide the intensive exchange of the data on biodiversity and dynamics of ecosystems via Internet.

The workshop will discuss the following topics:

(1) Development of information systems, digital libraries, databases and knowledge bases (factual-graphical, documentary and others) on ecosystem biodiversity and dynamics;
(2) designing of common standards of formats for these information systems, digital libraries, databases and knowledge bases;
(3) integration of the Internet available information resources (databases and knowledge bases, software for modeling and analyses) into global informational network;
(4) development of technologies of input, maintenance search and navigation of the information in these information resources
(5) analytical tools, software and algorithms for data computer analyses in the integrated information resources
(6) computer modeling of emergence, maintenance and evolution of biodiversity
(7) computer modeling of ecosystems structures, functions and dynamics
(8) complex studies, scientific prognoses and taking reasonable decisions of management to rationally use natural resources assisted with the methods of computer analysis and modeling;
(9) the conceptions of Biodiversity and Dynamics of Ecosystems in the context of the development of the informational and computer technologies.

All these topics will be discussed related to the following basic trends of research:

Molecular genetic bases of biodiversity
Evolution of species and ecosystems: theoretical analysis and computer-assisted modeling
Diversity of the fauna
Diversity of the vegetation
Human genome diversity
Water ecosystems
Soil ecosystems
Lake Baikal as a natural laboratory for studying species biodiversity and evolution
Forest ecosystems

WITA’ 2001 will have the following sections:

Emergence of biodiversity and evolution: theoretical and computer models
1. Databases on plant and animal biodiversity
2. Human genome diversity: databases and modeling
3. Databases and GIS technologies on forest, soil, permafrost, lake, river and marsh systems
4. Dynamics of ecosystems: Theoretical and computer modeling

The workshop involves formal research presentations (about 50), poster session, computer demonstrations and round table discussions.

The working languages of the workshop will be both Russian and English. The simultaneous translation of each presentation will be provided.

The Organizing Committee will put abstracts at the workshop www-site promptly after their receiving. Also the hard copy of Abstracts will be published. Papers on presentations selected by the Organizing Committee will be published in hardbound archival proceedings. Each paper will have both Russian and English version.

Important dates

Abstract deadline: April 30, 2001.
The workshop program will be put  at the workshop www-site after May 31, 2001.

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