Dear colleagues!

We are happy to announce that a long-awaited congress “CRISPR-2023” will be held September 11-13, 2023.

Five years have passed since the first international congress on CRISPR/Cas9, “CRISPR-2018”, took place in Russia. Technologies of genome editing have been rapidly improving, dividing biological science into “before” and “after” one of the most famous discovery. To date CRISPR- systems not only remain an object and tool in fundamental studies but also allow researchers to make revolution in medicine, agriculture, evolution biology, and paleobiology.
Researchers using genome editing methods face new challenges that require a complex approach involving different areas of knowledge. Therefore, we increased number of issues to be discussed at the congress “CRISPR-2023”:

Cell Technologies
Regenerative Medicine
Intelligent Data Science
Synthetic Biology
Research & Development.

Leading scientists working at the cutting edge of modern biology will be invited to take part in the congress. As usual, Novosibisrk Academgorodok will meet all participants hospitably and impress with its unique scientific atmosphere and beauty of autumn nature.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the congress “CRISPR-2023”.