Сonference “Mathematical modeling and high performance computing in bioinformatics, biomedicine and biotechnology”

Sergey Kabanikhin, Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia

As part of this section problems of mathematical modeling in biomedicine, direct and inverse problems of determining the parameters of biophysical processes with the help of computer simulations will be discussed

The second international conference MM-HPC-BBB-2016will include the following research sections and meetings:

– High-performance and distributed computing in biomedicine.
– Applications of bioinformatics and systems biology.
– Data mining methods in natural sciences.
– Mathematical modeling of gene and metabolic networks.
– Modeling of pharmacokinetic processes. Numerical methods of solving
inverse problems.
– Mathmatical models of immune process. Direct and inverse problems of immunology.
– Mathematical aspects of epidemiology.
– Identifiability analysis and experimental design for dynamical models.
– Software packages application for solving the problems of bioinformatics and biomedicine.
– Development of numerical algorithms for solving inverse problems in tomography.

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