1. An electronic poster report is a presentation created in the Power Point program, with a volume of 4-6 slides.
  2. Each presentation should include a summary of the following sections: The purpose of the study, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion (or Conclusions).
  3. The text volume is minimal. The data should be mainly presented in the form of tables and figures.
  4. Advertising, commercial names of medicines and products are not allowed in the text of the poster.
  5. To send the poster, it must be converted to a PDF file.
  6. It is possible (optional) to attach an audio and/or video file with a presentation of the research results to the presentation in pdf format. The duration of the presentation is no more than 3 minutes. Video specifications: the desired resolution is 1280*720 pixels, the maximum size is 128 megabytes.
  7. Electronic poster presentations are sent on the conference website https://conf.icgbio.ru/lymphology2023/poster-requirements/
  8. EXAMPLE of presentation design and video from another conference organized by Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS https://bgrssb.icgbio.ru/2020/2020/07/05/melatonin-as-a-key-regulator-in-molecular-genetic-network-of-glucose-variability-related-to-circadian-rhythm/
  9. To record a video of the report, you can use the preferred software or follow the instruction—English version.