Investigation of structure differences between archaeal and human translation initiation factor 2

Tarabarova A.G.; Nikonova E.Y.; Nevskaya N.A., Nikonov S.V.; Nikonov O.S.

Institute of Protein Research Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Russian Federation

Eukaryotic and archaeal translation initiation factor 2 (e/aIF2) consists of three subunits (alfa-, beta-, gamma-) and functions as a heterotrimeric complex. It mediates binding of the initiator tRNA to the small ribosomal subunit. It was previously shown that the hemizygous missense mutation I222T in the gamma-subunit of the human factor is associated with a defect in the binding of the eIF2 beta- and gamma-subunits, causing intellectual disability and microcephaly as MEHMO syndrome. This study identified new potential features of the interaction between the beta- and gamma-subunit of the human translation initiation factor 2.


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