Abstracts as considered and accepted by the Program Committee will be published in electronic form at the website and in printed form as the School’s Proceedings. After the closing of the event, the School’s Proceedings will be assigned an ISBN and added to the Russian Science Citation Index.

Uploading your abstract

The file containing your abstract and intended for upload from your account should be named after the first author and typed in Latin letters, for example, “Ivanov A_Abstracts 1”.

The abstracts should be submitted in the English language. The abstracts should be laid out according to the instructions for authors (see below) and attached to your application form. To apply for participation, please sign in.

Instructions for Authors

Abstract Layout
The template is Template-Thesis-BGRS2018.dotx

The abstract should be written in the English language. While typing, please adhere to the margins as set in the templates. The text should appear as black, in Times New Roman, flush left, not hyphenated (see the template). Download the template (.dotx) and proceed with it.
Note that the font sizes are in abstract sections different!

  • Place the Template-Thesis-BGRS2018.dotx file in “C:\Users\Ivanov\Documents\Custom Office Templates”.
  • Click File and choose Open.
  • Double-click This Computer (if you are using Microsoft Word 2013, double-click the Computer icon instead).
  • Navigate to the folder ~“My Documents\Custom Office Templates”.
  • Click Template-Thesis-BGRS2018 and choose Open.
  • Enter your material to the template and save the file as a .docx type.

Abstract: Structure and Layout

The title should be in bold-face lower-case type, with the first word capitalized (see the template).

The authors’ names should appear on a separate line, with the initials followed by the family name, and be separated by commas. The affiliations should be indicated by superscript numbers immediately after the author’s name. The name of the corresponding author (that is, the submitting person) should be asterisked. The affiliations should be listed below, in the order in which they appear after the authors’ names (see the template). The corresponding author’s e-mail  should appear on a separate line (see the template).

Leave a blank line before and after key words. The key words are 5–10 words or word collocations that have the highest relevance to the text. The key words are typed consecutively, in lower case and are separated by commas, with no full stop at the end (see the template).

The following sections are recommended: Motivation and AimMethods and AlgorithmsResultsConclusionAcknowledgementsReferences (if required). All the section titles should be italicized (see the template). The abstracts should be concise and contain only material as relevant to the section titles. The Conclusion section should provide access to the results, if accessible. For example, if you are describing a software program that can be accessed online or downloaded, please ensure that you have provided the right URL. The Acknowledgements section should mention the source of financial support.

References in the text should appear in square brackets in order of mention, starting from 1. The information about the sources should appear in order of mention within the text and be numbered with Arabic numerals (see the template).

Poster Presentation:  А0.