Poster requirements

Requirements for distant poster reports

  • An electronic poster presentation is a Power Point presentation, 4-6 slides in size.
  • Each presentation should include a summary of the following sections: Research Objective, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion (or Conclusions).
  • The amount of text is minimal. Data should be predominantly presented in the form of tables and figures.
  • Advertising, commercial names of drugs and products are not allowed in the text of the poster.
  • To send, the poster must be converted to pdf -file .
  • An audio and / or video file with a presentation of the research results can (optionally) be attached to the presentation in pdf format. The duration of the presentation is no more than 5 minutes. Technical requirements for video: the desired resolution is 1280 * 720 pixels, the maximum size is 128 megabytes.
  • Sending electronic poster reports is carried out from the conference website (Section Poster session – Sending posters).
  • EXAMPLE of presentation and video design from another conference organized by the Federal Research Center of ICG SB RAS (link)
  • To record a video report, you can use your preferred software or follow the instructions – Russian version , English version.