Tour to Altai

In order to be included in the Altai tour group, please send filled participation application (download the application form) to the address of the organizing committee with the copy to the organizer of the tour (with the subject of the letter: “Altai tour participation application”), max number of places in the group – 19.


“Legends of the Teletskoe Lake”
June 18 – June 21, 2021

Biysk city, the pearl of Mountain Altai – Teletskoe Lake, Korbu and Kishte falls, Stones’ bay,
Yaylu village and Altai State Reserve,
trekking climb to the mountain and view-points of the Teletskoe Lake

This tour is specially arranged for travelers who are curious and want to appreciate every moment in their life. The high dynamics of the travel, change of the way and means of transportation will help you to most vividly feel all the delights of the Altai nature, and you will have a rest after the intense rhythm of the conference. This tour does not require special physical training or skills; therefore, even a novice traveler can safely participate in it.

Total duration – 4 days / 3 nights.
Type of route – mixed, bus, boat, on foot.
Meals: three meals a day, daily.

Tour program
(download the program)

Day  1
Early morning we departure from Novosibirsk to the Altai Republic, our goal is the village of Artybash (about 610 km). Along the way, we will visit the historical center of the ancient Siberian city of Biysk, which is more than 300 years old.
We will travel through the main city of the Republic – Gorno-Altaysk city and along the mountain winding road, where the longest section of the straight road is only nine hundred meters and enjoy the beauty of Siberian forests. A long way to the destination will be accompanied by the guide’s stories about local legends and stories.
Breakfast and lunch will be on the way, dinner at the tourist base.
After being placed on a tourist base surrounded by forest next to the shore of the Teletskoe Lake in twin rooms with facilities (or one bathroom on two rooms) you will have time for rest.

Day  2
After breakfast, a fast boat will take us through the water surface of Lake Teletskoe. We will discover one of the secrets of the Altai Reserve – we will visit the most spectacular Korbu waterfall. Here you can buy wood, birch bark, stones, etc. Altai souvenirs, tea and herbs collected on the shores of the lake. The boldest can try the energy of the waters of the waterfall.
Continuing the excursion, right from the water, we will have eyes glued on the small Kishte waterfall among the majestic and impregnable rocks, we will see some of the many rivers flowing into the lake, we will visit the shores of Kamenny Bay (they say this is the place where the meteorite fell…). You will find out why Teletsky Lake is called “Golden,” and you will feel the energy of this second large, after Lake Baikal, freshwater Lake Russia.
We will have a unique opportunity to combine a walk on Teletsky Lake and visit the legendary Yaylu village – the center of the Altai State Reserve. After Corbu Falls, we are going to a tour of the reserve and Terrace of Yaylu. If capricious coastal weather allows, it will be possible to swim on Yaylu beach.
At about 17:00 we are going to return to Artybash. Dinner and rest at the tourist base.
It will be possible to order a Russian bath “banya” (at an additional cost).

Day  3
After breakfast, we will continue to rest on the shore and be acquainted with Siberian nature.
In the morning, we will have a 3-4 hour of bus and pedestrian tour of the surroundings. In a leisurely hiking trip, we will climb one of the small mountains and enjoy the magnificent panoramas of the lake and its surrounding mountains. On the chair lift we will go up on another mountain Kukuya, and admire the views of the taiga. From a bird’s view, we will see the only river originating from Lake Teletskoe, the Biya River.
After lunch, there will be a time for relaxation on the territory of the tourist base.
You can order additional:
– walking along the shore of the lake on horseback (at an additional cost),
– three-hour rafting along the Biya River (for an additional fee),
– a walk (2-2.5 hours) in the gorge of Oyrok River, which is famous for cascades of small waterfalls sparkling in the sun. Hiking along the coast of the Third River (the local name of this place) will give a deep emotional unloading and will charge with new forces and energy of wildlife (accompanied by a guide, free of charge).
Dinner at the base.
It will be possible to order a Russian bath “banya” (at an additional cost).

Day  4
After breakfast we will return along a beautiful forest road from Artybash to Novosibirsk. Lunch and dinner are on the way. There will be stop in the village of Srostki, where you can buy tea, honey, as well as Altai souvenirs.
Arrival in Novosibirsk in the evening. Estimated arrival time 20:00 – 22:00.

Minor changes are possible in the program. The order of days of excursions can be changed due to weather conditions and safety requirements on water activities.


The tour price includes:

  • accommodation 3 nights / 4 days on a camp site in the village of Artybash of the Altai Republic, in twin rooms with facilities in the room (or one bathroom on two rooms);
  • 3-time meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) on all days, from day 1 to day 4 (exception – on the second day instead of lunch there will tea with pastries in Yaylu);
  • all transfers by bus from Novosibirsk to Novosibirsk (luggage in the trailer);
  • boat tour on Teletskoe Lake with a stop at Korbu and Kishte Falls, Stones’s Bay;
  • excursion to the nature reserve in the village of Yaylu;
  • a sightseeing tour of the vicinity of Lake Teletskoe with a lift on the chair cable car (the ticket for the lift is on) to the first sightseeing view-point, a pedestrian trekking climb to the second sightseeing view-point on the coastal mountain;
  • sightseeing tour of the historical center of Biysk;
  • guide (including English-speaking and\or translator);
  • health insurance, including accident insurance.

Additionally paid:

  • personal expenses;
  • souvenirs, tea, honey, etc.;
  • additional excursions on the third day of the tour;
  • Russian bath “banya”.

Tour cost:   29,300 rubles (or 350 euro) (group max 19 people).