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Kolchanov NikolayWelcoming speechOpening of the Section
Vityaev EvgenyWelcoming speechOpening of the Section
Chen MingWelcoming speechOpening of the Section
Marchenko MikhailExplaimable Artificial Intelligence: Problems, Questions And ApplicationsLogic and Artificial Intelligence
Nechesov AndreyAbout Three Problems Of Trusted Artificial IntelligenceLogic and Artificial Intelligence
Huang Joshua ZhexueNon-Mapreduce Computing For Intelligent Analysis Of Big DataLogic and Artificial Intelligence
Ilić Stepić AngelinaA Formalization Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In Logic Based On Modal ReasoningLogic and Artificial Intelligence
Mikhaylovskiy NikolayThree Metrics Of KnowledgeLogic and Artificial Intelligence
Sviridenko DmitryA Task Approach To Building A Digital Twin Of An OrganizationProblem-Based Approach To Artificial Intelligence
Mantsivoda AndreiObject Ontologies As Logical Data And Knowledge StoragesProblem-Based Approach To Artificial Intelligence
Vityaev EvgeniyA Task-Based Approach To Artificial Intelligence And
Theory Of Functional Systems Of The Brain
Problem-Based Approach To Artificial Intelligence
Boldyrev Igor A.Decision Support System For Wave Methods Of Non-Destructive Testing Of Buildings And StructuresProblem-Based Approach To Artificial Intelligence
Rakshun YakovGoals Of Construction Of Digital Twins For Studies In Biology And MicroelectronicsProblem-Based Approach To Artificial Intelligence
Kolonin AntonModel Of Individual Consciousness Based On The Principle Of Social Proof And Minimization Of Resource ConsumptionProblem-Based Approach To Artificial Intelligence
Kolpakov Fedor A.The Digital Twin Of The PatientProblem-Based Approach To Artificial Intelligence
Chen MingDeep Learning Frameworks For Protein-Protein Interaction And Disease Similarity PredictionSystems Biology
Kolchanov NikolaySystems Biology: Gene Networks And Big Genetic DataSystems Biology
Dygalo NikolayNeural Network Aspects Of Behavior RegulationSystems Biology
Lashin SergeyReconstruction Of Mathematical Models Of Living Systems: Problems And ProspectsSystems Biology
Palyanov AndreyOn Actual Problems Of Evolving Systems ModelingSystems Biology
Kozlov VladimirCell Migration Support For Normal Functioning Of The Immune-Structural HomeostasisSystems Biology
Ivanisenko VladimirApplication Of Artificial Intelligence Methods And Gene Networks Analysis For The Interpretation Of Omics DataSystems Biology
Akberdin IlyaGenome-Scale Metabolic Modeling For BiotechnologySystems Biology
Golubyatnikov VladimirGeometry Of Phase Portraits Of One Class Of Gene Networks ModelsSystems Biology
Afonnikov DmitryDeep Machine Learning Methods For Plant PhenomicsSystems Biology
Zyatkov N.Mathematics Geophysics Of Sb Ras, Novosibirsk, Russia
Neural Network Modeling Of Covid-19 Propagation With Socio-Economic Processes
Systems Biology
Filippov StanislavUsing The Alphafold2 Neural Network To Improve The Results Of Protein-Protein DockingSystems Biology
Dapic VladimirPneumoscreener: Ai Based Tool For Automatic Detection Of Anomalies From Chest Xr And Ct ImagesSystems Biology
Mayilyan Karine RafikThe Lack Of Systems Biology In-Between The Hla-C And Covid-19 SeveritySystems Biology
Kirpichov VladimirApplication Of Artificial Intelligence Technologies And Tools In The Recognition And Forecasting Of Forest Fires In The Russian FederationFirst steps in science