Dear colleagues!

Since the events of the World Congress will be held at different venues in different cities of Russia, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the site you are currently on – is the site of one of the sections of the World Congress, namely the Section “Section “Systems Biology, Logic and Artificial Intelligence”. The section will be physically held in Novosibirsk. The information below on preparing an invitation to Russia is intended for participants who plan to come specifically to Novosibirsk to participate in this Section.
Regarding the issuing visa invitations to come to Moscow (to the main venue of the congress), it is necessary to contact the Secretary of the Congress – Tolokonnikov Georgy Konstantinovich, Ph.D. (Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the Methodology of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Research), e-mail:


Dear guest,

According to the requirements of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) and the Russian legislation for foreign colleagues to participate in the section of the congress it is necessary to make a humanitarian visa with a purpose of entry “scientific and technical communications”. Participation in the section of the congress for foreign participants with a tourist or business visa is prohibited by the FMS rules.

Humanitarian visa is prepared on the basis of an invitation letter, which is made by the organizing committee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Russia.
Visa invitation is prepared in 1,5 months. The cost of the invitation is 800 rubles.

For invitation letter preparation please fill in the following Data Request Form and send it by e-mail with the subject “Visa” to the organizing committee:

For questions regarding visa invitations, please contact organizing committee: