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Dear colleagues!
We invite you to take part in the work of the World Congress

Moscow, June 26-30, 2023

The Russian Academy of Sciences, represented by the divisions listed below, together with foreign academies of sciences, domestic and foreign universities and institutes, is holding June 26-30, 2023. World Congress “SYSTEM THEORY, ALGEBRAIC BIOLOGY, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: MATHEMATICAL FOUNDATIONS AND APPLICATIONS”. The Congress will be organized in a face-to-face format, with the main Moscow site in the Presidential Hall of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Leninsky pr. 32a), the online component is provided by Russian and foreign videoconferencing service providers.

From the side of the Russian Academy of Sciences, under the coordination of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Department of Physiological Sciences, together with the Russian Physiological Society named after V.I. I.P. Pavlova, Department of Medical Sciences, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies, Department of Social Sciences, Scientific Council on the Methodology of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Research at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Department of Agricultural Science stake part in the preparation and holding of the Congress . The International Interdisciplinary Seminar “Algebraic Biology and Systems Theory” takes part as well.

The main goal of the congress is the development and dissemination of systems theory, ranging from the theory of functional systems, biomachsystems, ergatic systems, to the theory of categorical systems and mathematical theories of systems, algebraic biology, artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on mathematical foundations and sections of fundamental mathematics.


  • oral report at the Congress with the publication of abstracts in the halls of the Congress and online;
  • participation in the Congress without the publication of abstracts and without a report in the halls of the Congress and online.



To participate with a report in the Congress, it is necessary to send the following materials to the Congress e-mail address: before May 1, 2023:

  1. a registration form filled out for each participant of the Congress (including co-authors of the work), regardless of the form of participation;
  2. the text of the abstracts of the report (information for abstract), drawn up in accordance with the requirements (see below).

Registration form and abstracts are sent in separate files!

REGISTRATION FORM of the participant of the World congress “System theory, algebraic biology, artificial intelligence: mathematical foundations and applications”


Publication of abstracts for Russian participants of the Congress is FREE!



  • Tolokonnikov Georgy Konstantinovich, Head of the Secretariat of the Congress (NSMII RAS, VIM), general questions, +7 906 625-01-12,;
  • Alekseev Andrey Yurievich, Scientific Secretary of the Congress (NSMII RAS), questions of philosophy, artificial intelligence,;
  • Vityaev Evgeny Evgenievich, Scientific Secretary of the Congress (IM SB RAS), questions of mathematics, artificial intelligence, theory of functional systems,;
  • Markov Vladimir Vasilyevich, Scientific Secretary of the Congress (MIRAN named after V.A.Steklov) questions of mechanics and mathematics,;
  • Telminov Oleg Alexandrovich, Scientific Secretary of the Congress (Secretary of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Quantum Technologies”), questions of the element base, artificial intelligence,

Note: Abstracts and materials of the participant are not accepted at the indicated e-mail addresses.

We are waiting for you at the Congress! Best wishes!

Organizing Committee of the Congress